We give 25% of all car wash sales for 3-hour

fundraiser window and 100% of tips. Plus an 

opportunity to win an extra donation of $500

from Cleanland. #cleanlandcares2022

Was your latest fundraiser a washout?  Did you spend too much time organizing, purchasing supplies, promoting, and managing all of the event details? 

Let’s get you cleaned up with a Cleanland Car Wash Fundraiser Event.  

Car Wash Fundraisers

Spots are going fast so act now! What do you need to do?


1. Fill out the contact form below or contact Pete Granson directly at 330.748.4068 to get your questions answered and schedule your Car Wash Fundraiser

2. Let everyone know the date and time of your Fundraiser. Cleanland will supply flyer templates and social media posts for your group

3. Show up on the day of the fundraiser with 6-10 people for the shift. Bring towels for drying cars and jars for collecting tips 

Everyone loves a car wash fundraiser, but when you partner with us, we do most of the heavy lifting. Allow us to take care of the set-up, supplies, and washing.

14 + 8 =

How Your Organization Benefits 

  • No supplies needed other than drying towels and any signs you’d like to make 
  • No order taking 
  • Make 25% of wash sales during the three-hour fundraising window 
  • Make 100% of tips by towel drying cars, earning even more money for your organization 
  • Enter to win an extra $500 donation from Cleanland at the end of the summer 
  • Receive social media shoutouts and flyer templates to promote your fundraiser 

What We Ask from Each Organization 

  • Sign up with Pete for your date and time 
  • 6-10 people for the shift  
  • Bring towels 
  • Market your event on digital media (on social, your website, and email) and tag Cleanland as much as you can! 
  • Ask friends and family to sign up for text messaging to remind them when your fundraiser is coming up 
  • Have fun and raise money for your organization! 

Who Qualifies? 

  • Schools and School Organizations 
  • Athletic Teams 
  • Community Projects 
  • Church and Synagogue Groups 
  • Local Service Clubs 
  • Any Non-Profit Organization 


Are you hosting an auction, raffle or golf tournament? We can customize a donation package that’s right for your event. Our packages can include:


  • Free car wash passes
  • Gift cards
  • Car wash SWAG


Are you a local non-profit, community organization or sports team? We are proud to support worthy causes in our neighborhood.


  • Short-term and long-term sponsorships are available
  • Sponsorships vary depending on the size and reach of the organization